Cheltenham Darts League

Charities Cup

The two teams in the Final of the Charities Cup are
The St Georges Vaults and The New Beehive
the final will be played on 22nd & 29th April

Home Team on 19/02/20 Home Team on 26/02/20
Somerset New Beehive
London Inn St Georges Vaults

The following teams are through to the next round of The Charities Cup

Charities Cup
St Georges Vaults
New Beehive
London Inn

Home Team on 20/11/18 Home Team on 27/11/18
St Georges Vaults Dart Knights
Brolly Boys New Beehive
Beehive Bees Somerset
Has Beens London Inn






Charities Cup
Beehive Bee
Brolly Boys
Dart Knights
Has Beens
London Inn
New Beehive
St Georges Vaults


Home Team on 16th October Home Team on 23rd October
Mickey Bs Somerset
Ridge Raiders Brolly Boys
Hillbillies St Georges Vaults
New Beehive Old Restoration
Brolly Dart Knights
Albion House Beehive Bee
London Inn Motorfort
Motorheads Has Beens